Artika Benefits From Importing GeTS

Whether you’re looking for pendant lighting for your dining room or something to add some glam to your home bar, Artika has a great option. This brand also offers risk-free returns within Canada and the US.

Dr. Artika Tyner is an author, educator and sought-after speaker who helps people cultivate their own gifts for social change. She’s the founder of the Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Institute.

1. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency helps reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, lower water use, and decrease electricity consumption. It also lowers utility system costs, increases jobs, and contributes to overall economic growth.

Artika For Living is a leading wholesale distributor of home furnishings and housewares. When the company began expanding internationally, they realized their operations were being impacted by high costs associated with import clearance services and delays. They needed a solution that was affordable, easy to use, and reliable. They turned to GeTS for help, and found they could save a significant amount of money by filing directly with CBSA. With a dedicated support team on hand to guide them through the process, they are now able to get their shipping containers released quickly and avoid paying costly storage fees. This has helped them lower their operational costs and increase their profitability.

2. Controlling Costs

Having the right lighting in your home or business can help you control your energy use and costs. With LED lighting you can use ten times less electricity than regular bulbs and they last up to ten times longer. Plus they are available in many different styles and colors to match your decor.

Artika For Living is a leading wholesale distributor of residential and commercial lighting fixtures including floor lamps, vanity lights, chandeliers, ceiling lights, outdoor lighting and more. Artika’s lighting experts can help you find the perfect fixture to enhance your living space.

Prior to implementing GeTS, Artika was using external customs clearance services and they were paying high storage fees for their shipping containers that did not clear customs in time for shipping. With GeTS, they now have full control over their import filings and operations costs have been cut significantly.

3. Self-Filing

For many importers, the process of gathering the correct data to submit to a customs broker within tight deadlines can be challenging. Missing these deadlines can cause delays in the release of cargo resulting in the cost of storage fees. Filing directly to CBSA can save time and money by eliminating the need for brokers, and by giving importers more control over their filings.

Artika wanted to find a self-filing solution that was affordable, user-friendly and easy to implement with little disruption to their operations. They found it in GeTS’s self-filing import solutions, which are built with ease and efficiency in mind and include features like automated data population to reduce filing time. Since implementing GeTS, Artika has saved costs and improved compliance by always filing on time.

4. Compliance

When Artika For Living began establishing themselves internationally, they realized that they needed to take control of their import filings and reduce operations costs. By implementing GeTS, they’ve cut brokerage fees by thousands and eliminated storage fees due to non-release of cargo.

Artika Tyner is on a mission to create a world of inclusive leaders who will meet the pressing needs of today and work towards a future where racial equity reigns supreme. She inspires people to use their gifts to plant seeds of social change at home, in their communities, and at work.