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Caliart acrylic paints work well on paper, canvas, CD, stone, wood, and other surfaces. They are also smudge-proof and waterproof.

Water Based Paint Set

Water-based paints are easy to use and clean up, making them a good choice for kids who like to paint. They have a smooth consistency and dry to a vibrant matte finish. They’re also odorless and don’t contain latex, which means they’re safe to use around kids.

When choosing a water-based paint, consider its durability, coverage and color selection. You should also look for a paint that’s free from hazardous chemicals and low in Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs. These compounds can cause respiratory problems in sensitive individuals, so it’s important to find a paint that doesn’t contain them.

The ARTEZA water-based acrylic paint set can be used on paper, canvas or even fabric! It comes in refillable half pans that are held inside a durable metal storage tin. It can also be diluted with alcohol or thinner to use with an airbrush. These paints are suitable for all types of fabrics and are colorfast.

Artist Alcohol Markers

Artist alcohol markers are permanent on paper, quick drying and have a smooth application of color with resistance to fading. They are perfect for hand lettering, calligraphy, experimental coloring and more. They are also easy to blend and layer with other colors.

It is important to note that while alcohol markers are less likely to tear through thin papers, they do tend to bleed through rougher textures. It is best to work on heavyweight paper with a smooth surface.

The ARTEZA artist alcohol marker set includes dual-tip markers with both a fine tip and a broad chisel nib. This allows you to make both delicate details and broader thick lines. It has 59 double-ended vibrantly colored high-pigment markers and a special blending marker to give you more options when drawing or coloring. It also comes in a convenient case to keep your markers organized and safe for transport. This set is available in open stock, so you can purchase individual markers as needed.

24 Basic Acrylic Paint Set

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, it’s important to practice your craft before you begin creating a masterpiece. This means swatching the paints to get an idea of how they behave, including how quickly they dry and how well they blend together. It’s also important to choose the right paint set for your project.

caliart offers an array of different acrylic paint sets that are ideal for beginners and advanced artists alike. For example, the 24 Basic Acrylic Paint Set contains lightfast, fine art pigments and passes through the same rigorous manufacturing process as Liquitex professional-grade paints.

The colors in this set include cadmium yellow light, mars black, naphthol crimson, phthalocyanine green, titanium white and ultramarine blue. The heavy body acrylic is easy to blend and has a buttery consistency that allows you to retain peaks and brush strokes. These non-toxic, quick-drying acrylics are ideal for canvas, paper & board, wood, masonry, metal and fabric.

Paint Brushes

Having the right paint brushes can make the difference in how well your children can draw and create. Children’s fine motor skills are still developing, so they need to use larger brushes that are easy for them to handle.

Different types of paint brushes are designed for different purposes, so you may want to consider providing your children with a few sets of brushes for the various projects they will undertake this year. You will also want to choose high-quality brushes to get the most longevity from them.

A rigger brush has long, closely arranged bristles that are ideal for creating strokes and lines of different widths and thicknesses. It is good for sgraffito and impasto painting techniques. A fan brush has a splayed flat end with a round tip and is useful for modulating and softening hard edges in figurative painting or for stippling. The handle is the longest part of a paintbrush and can be made from wood or molded plastic. It can have a metal ferrule or quill for a traditional look and feel.