Geeni Benefits

Geeni is a simple, convenient way to control your smart home devices. It’s easy to set up and offers a number of benefits, from scheduling lights to controlling your air conditioning.

To get started, download the app on your phone or computer and set up a password. Once you’re logged in, check for updates and keep your wifi connection stable to ensure the app works properly.


Geeni is a smart home solution that offers devices like bulbs, power solutions, and cameras. It also allows users to control these appliances from anywhere around the world.

The app makes it easy to manage and automate your smart devices, allowing you to schedule them to do specific things at certain times. You can also set up smart scenes and grouping features.

A great feature of the Geeni app is the ability to share control of your devices with your friends and family. This allows you to give them access to a limited set of settings so that they can use it to control your home appliances when you are not around.

Geeni products are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to control your smart lights and plugs by voice. These integrations make Geeni products a great addition to your smart home. They can be used to help you manage your daily tasks and improve your home’s security and comfort.


The Geeni app is a smart home tool that enables you to control your appliances from anywhere around the world. It is compatible with a variety of devices, including smart bulbs, power solutions, and cameras.

The app allows you to set schedules for different devices and automate tasks in real-time. It also has a ‘quick actions’ feature that lets you change specific settings like volume, color, and brightness.

To get started, first download the app and sign up for an account using your email or mobile number. Once you have registered, the app will send a verification code to your email or phone.

The Geeni app combines all the features you need to make your house a smart home, enabling you to control your appliances from a single, unified app on any device with an internet connection. It even comes with an impressively-featured sharing feature that lets you invite friends and family to join in the fun.


The Geeni app is a handy tool that makes it easier to control and manage your smart home devices. It has features like quick actions, grouping, and sharing.

The app can be downloaded through the Google Play or Apple App Store. After downloading, you need to sign up for an account by providing a phone number or email address.

After creating an account, you need to sync your devices with the app. To do this, open the Geeni App and go to the devices screen.

You can use the ‘Scene’ feature to set a series of controls that will trigger a specific task or action at a certain time and date. This feature also allows you to schedule your devices.

For example, you can set your camera to record every time a child enters the house or if someone arrives home late. These scenes can be used to help you stay connected to your family and loved ones.


Geeni has a plethora of features and functions to help you make the most out of your home automation experience. For instance, the Geeni app can tell you when a device is about to be replaced or turn off for the night. It also helps you schedule your smart devices.

One of the best ways to get the most out of your Geeni app is to update it from time to time. It’s a great way to keep track of new and improved features, as well as catch any bugs that might be lingering around your home.

Another cool thing about the Geeni app is that it can work over cellular data, which is a big bonus for those of us who don’t like to miss a moment of our busy lives. And the Geeni app isn’t just for home use – it can be used from anywhere in your office, school or even a coffee shop.