How Soona Benefits Ecommerce Brands

As part of a booming market for creative technology, soona helps e-commerce brands create professional content through same-day photo and video shoots. Its decentralized studio model makes it easy to plan a photoshoot, build a list of shots and refresh visuals quickly at low cost.

Soona serves around 10,000 merchants, including Wild Earth, Lola Tampons and Birchbox. Its customer retention is strong, with 63% of revenue coming from repeat customers.


Soona is a virtual content platform that provides high-quality, fully edited visual assets to ecommerce merchants. It helps brands create high-quality, consistent product photos and videos without spending thousands of dollars on a traditional, on-site product shoot.

In an industry dominated by freelance marketplaces and large production agencies, Giorgi says she saw a need for a solution that made it easier for brands to create visual content at an affordable price point. That’s why she launched soona, with Forbes 30 Under 30 alum Hayley Anderson.

soona’s self-serve platform enables brands to book a photo shoot, including models and props, through its network of more than 600 production professionals. They can then shop photos and video clips through their dashboard and get their content back within 24 hours.

Real-Time Feedback

Getting real-time feedback is an important part of running any business. It helps you track your operations and keep your customers happy.

Ideally, real-time feedback is collected right after an interaction, whether it’s a live chat, support call, or purchase. This way, the customer’s experience is fresh in their memory, which makes it more reliable and accurate.

In addition, real-time feedback can help you identify problems like a glitch in your website that leads to lost sales or service calls that drag on and on. This allows you to solve them fast and efficiently, which is a huge boost for your company’s performance.

Real-time feedback also increases motivation by offering recognition and encouragement. It helps improve overall competency discussions, so that employees can be called out for their strengths and accomplishments-and reinforced when they’re weak.

Access to Professional Models

Unlike your typical onsite photo shoot, soona’s online platform connects businesses to a virtual studio containing a bevy of photographers and other content providers. As a result, the company can deliver a high-quality photo or video within hours. Combined with the magic of the cloud, the company can provide customers with an end-to-end solution that’s agnostic to location, budget, and timeframe.

Soona also boasts a robust employee benefits package that’s on par with its peers, and the company has a reputation for hiring top-notch talent in fields as diverse as marketing, computer & IT, art & design, and HR. They take their responsibility seriously and have a clear purpose in mind: to deliver a stellar product experience for their clients and a winning work-life balance for their employees. If you’re looking for a modern day company to join, check out their latest job listings and see if they have the right fit for you.

Quick Turnaround

Whether it’s in shipping, or an industrial turnaround, the quicker a product is delivered and sold online, the more money a business can make. This is also true for a plant’s turnaround time, when it needs to be offline to complete maintenance work.

Founded in Denver in 2019, soona provides more than 10,000 e-commerce stores across the country with professional-quality product photos and videos, delivered within 24 hours. The company uses a crew and high-grade equipment to create the content.

The company offers a range of benefits for employees, including health and life insurance. This allows them to offer a full package of coverage to their team members without the hassle of navigating complex health insurance policies.

As they scale their operations, soona relys on Gusto’s modernized payroll solution and flexibility to ensure that employees are paid on time. This allows them to provide a better experience for their employees, which will help them retain their best talent.