Leocare Benefits From Being the First Neo-Insurer in France

Leocare offers dwelling, car and smartphone insurance that’s simple, transparent and close to customers. The French startup’s rates are also 25% cheaper than their competitors.

To deliver on this promise, the brand needs to know everything about its clients. That’s why it uses Matillion to quickly find, ingest and send data into Snowflake and Tableau.

Car Insurance

Leocare has already built a reputation as the best option for French people to get car insurance online. Its app helps customers easily change their policy in a few taps and offers perks like warning them about speed traps using open road safety data.

Aware of its responsibility to use the customer data it collects, it promotes eco-driving and encourages car-sharing while facilitating new forms of mobility. The company aims to expand its multiservice neo-insurance offering in Europe with the first launch in Spain scheduled for 2022.

To do so, the startup needs to scale up its analytics capabilities. This is why Leocare chose Matillion to streamline the process of loading and transforming data into insights that will improve their digital products and drive new features – without needing a dedicated specialist team. Thanks to Matillion’s easy-to-use interface, Leocare is now able to identify trends and provide personalized customer service that meets its customers’ expectations.

Home Insurance

The first multiservice neo-insurer in France (home, car, motorbike and smartphone) is launching an all-in-one insurance contract with personalized guarantees according to each household’s profile. It will be offered through a simple, fast and fully mobile experience, from onboarding to recurring service.

Leocare customers can now benefit from specific coverage in the event of a bed bug infestation thanks to a partnership with Badbugs, a platform connecting pest victims with expert professionals. This innovative collaboration is free of charge for Leocare policyholders and will ensure financial, technical and psychological support.

Founded in 2017, the company offers dwelling, car and motorbike insurance. Its app allows customers to get a quote in just 4 minutes and subscribe in a few clicks. Its premiums are 25% cheaper than the market average and claims can be managed with a few taps. The platform also lets users track their claims and adjust their policies in real time. It has over 850K+ downloads and a top 4.6 rating in the app store.

Motorbike Insurance

There’s nothing like the thrill of riding a motorcycle. But like cars, motorcycles require insurance if you want to protect yourself and your investment.

Bodily injury and property damage liability coverages pay for medical bills, lost wages and repairs to vehicles or structures that other people might claim you damaged. Collision and comprehensive coverages help cover repair and replacement costs for your own motorcycle after accidents or natural disasters, no matter who’s at fault. They’re typically included in full-coverage policies.

In some states, you can save on your premium by opting for liability-only coverage. But that’s a risky move, as it leaves you on the hook for the cost of repairing or replacing your bike if you cause an accident. Bundling with your auto or home policy can qualify you for a multi-policy discount, and taking a safety course might also net you a premium reduction. Other ways to save include a good driving record, multiple years without claims and completing a defensive driver training course.

Mobile Assistance

A l’heure actuelle, Leocare offre des formules de sécurité automobile, maison et moto solidaires et connectées. Aux heures de la journée, les clients bénéficient d’une assistance en toute sécurité sur leur smartphone. Avec une équipe de conseillers qui a toujours des réponses à votre question par téléphone, chat, email ou réseaux sociaux.

Founded in France in 2017, the startup provides neo-insurance coverage for cars, homes, and motorcycles via an app. Users can easily change policy coverage with just a few clicks while receiving instant advice from a Leoconseiller en visio.

Aymeric explains that Matillion’s no-code platform allows the team to build and test new analytics with ease. This enables the company to offer customers more personalized service, detect patterns that help them improve their products, and ultimately improve their bottom line. These data efficiencies have also improved communication with investors and enabled marketing teams to provide the right offers to the right customers at the right time.