Oodie Benefits

oodies are essentially wearable blankets comprising an oversized hooded sweatshirt and an equally oversized kangaroo pocket lined with light, ultra-soft and heat-retentive fabrics.

These huge hooded blankets come in an array of cute, colourful designs and feature sherpa fleece lining.

It’s a fantastic option for chilly nights and long car journeys, keeping the whole family comfy and warm. Plus, Oodies are machine washable for a hassle-free clean.


Hooded blankets are a must-have for winter. They’re incredibly comfortable and can help you save on heating costs.

They also make a great addition to your wardrobe, as they can be easily worn over clothes or as a blanket to wrap around you during cold weather. They’re available in a variety of colours and patterns, so you can find one that suits your style.

These oversized hooded blankets are the talking point of playgrounds and social media alike. They’ve amassed a cult following, with thousands of people raving about their cosy ‘game-changing’ purchase on TikTok and Facebook.

They’re based on a 6XL hoodie and are made with ultra soft flannel fleece on the outside and warm sherpa fleece inside, providing the ultimate warmth and snoozing comfort. Plus, they’re cruelty free and machine washable. They’re suitable for three to 13 year olds and come in a range of super fun designs, including The Lion King and Mandalorian.


Oodies are a new type of wearable blanket that was created by two Australian brothers back in 2018. They enjoyed a lot of popularity during lockdowns when Covid-19 hit the UK last year.

Essentially, they’re oversized hooded blankets – complete with a kangaroo pocket – that are lined with light, heat-retentive fabrics. They’re a perfect choice for those who want to feel cocooned in front of the TV – especially during a winter lockdown.

However, they can be a bit pricey. So, we’ve rounded up a few cosy options that do the same job without breaking the bank.

Our favourite budget option is the Sienna hoodie blanket – it’s slightly thinner than a normal Oodie but still offers plenty of warmth. Its fluffy lining and chunky sleeves make it just as comfortable to wear, while its knee-length design allows for easy slouching. And at less than a third of the Oodie’s price, it’s one of the best Oodie alternatives around.


During chilly nights, a cosy kids Oodie is a great way to keep your little ones warm. The soft fleece material provides a reassuring feeling and helps them relax.

These blankets are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for parents too. They can be machine washed and can also be stored away when not in use.

However, while oodies are a great option for adults, they can be dangerous for children. They can become entangled around a child and cause injury.

This is why it is important to purchase the right size and fit for your children. Fortunately, there are lots of options available to suit any size or age range.

The official Oodie store offers a wide variety of designs, including tie-dye, Harry Potter prints and warm pastel colours. Their teen and adult-sized Oodies are roughly the size of a 6XL hoodie, so they should fit most people aged 13 and up.


Whether you’re at home, on a plane or road trip, a warm and snuggly oodie can make a world of difference in keeping you cosy. Oodies are made with soft flannel fleece outer layers and sherpa fleece inners that are machine washable.

You can find a hooded blanket for kids, adults and teens in a variety of cute designs like koalas, avocados and crazy garlic bread. Or go for a tie-dye or warm pastel colours.

If you’re looking to save money, the official Oodie store offers a winter sale every year and bundle packs that offer big discounts for all the family. These include the Oodie Twin Pack ($158), Oodie Family Pack ($279) and the Oodie Mega Pack ($359).