Palm Angels Benefits From Milanese Craftsmanship

Palm Angels is a streetwear label that has quickly made a name for itself. Founded by designer Francesco Ragazzi, it combines preppy cuts with ’70s-inspired prints and Californian iconography.

A former Moncler artistic director, Ragazzi conceived of the brand after releasing a photography book about Los Angeles skate culture in 2014. It later evolved into a clothing line.

1. Unique designs

Palm Angels is an Italian-based fashion brand that fuses laidback skate style with refined Milanese craftsmanship. The brand’s ready-to-wear collection includes tees, hoodies and accessories for men. It celebrates Californian iconography with palm tree prints, while its gothic script logos and teddy bear motifs capture the charm of grunge culture.

Founded by former Moncler artistic director Francesco Ragazzi, Palm Angels blends a precise point of view with a culturally relevant standpoint and a strong creativity. It focuses on interpreting American culture through an Italian mindset and has built up a following.

Its fusion of laid-back skate style with refined Milanese design has earned the label collaborations with Moncler and Missoni. This winter, Palm Angels is collaborating with Moon Boot for an exclusive ski boot capsule.

Launched in 2015, Palm Angels Kids is a collection that combines the laid-back vibe of skater culture with creative director Francesco Ragazzi’s Italian heritage. The casual collection consists of tees, hoodies, tracksuits and jackets. It also features a line of e-bikes, which are emblazoned with the palm tree print.

2. Comfortable

Known for their preppy cuts and California-inspired designs, Palm Angels clothing provides comfort and style. Their collections are made from the finest fabrics while maintaining their commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Palm Angels founder Francesco Ragazzi, a former artistic director at Moncler, is the man behind this brand that combines luxury and streetwear. He uses his art knowledge and photography skills to create unique and creative pieces that reflect the American culture.

His design philosophy is to interpret American culture through an Italian mindset. This way, every design is unique and tells a story.

The label’s collections reflect the audacious style of LA skate culture and a distinctly Italian obsession with fabric and cut. They combine classic elements with Californian iconography and are available in 210 stores worldwide, including luxury retailers like Colette.

3. Affordable

Founded by Francesco Ragazzi, the Italian-born designer and art director of Moncler, Palm Angels traces its roots to a photography book he released in 2014 that celebrated Los Angeles’ skater scene. Now, the brand fuses laid-back Los Angeles style with refined Milanese craftsmanship in its ready-to-wear collections and accessories.

The label combines a preppy approach with ’70s-inspired prints and Californian iconography to create signature pieces in a genderless range. Shop a collection of printed T-shirts, logomania joggers and anti-establishment accessories for an elevated take on casualwear.

Palm Angels’ authentic approach to American culture is rooted in Ragazzi’s Italian mindset, which combines an appreciation of sartorial codes and a proclivity to use clothing as identity tropes and cultural signifiers. As a result, the label has been celebrated for its modern reinterpretation of streetwear by some of the most influential artists in the industry, including A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti.

4. Reliable

The name Palm Angels is a little bit of a mouthful, but this Italian label has made quite a name for itself in the last decade. Its signature bandana print is featured on everything from hoodies and t-shirts to track pants, tennis sneakers, and backpacks.

The label has partnered with some of the industry’s most prominent names (the name-brand t-shirts and hoodies are available at Selfridges) and earned co-signs from 21 Savage, Migos, A$AP Rocky, and Playboi Carti. The brand has even launched a book on the history of skateboarding.

Unlike many of the brands that pop up in this roundup, Palm Angels does not take its cue from the price tag; it has its finger on the fashion pulse and has no problem sourcing high-quality fabrics, ensuring a superior fit and finish. The company also has a good track record when it comes to sustainability and environmental practices, making it an obvious choice for a fashion connoisseur.