Speechify Benefits

Speechify is a text-to-speech app that can read emails, books, documents, and online content for you. Its AI-powered app and browser extension make it easy to listen to any type of text in a variety of voices, languages, and speeds.

It was originally created to help people with dyslexia, but its benefits are also great for anyone who wants to improve their reading speed and comprehension.

Boosts Reading Speed

Using a text to speech tool, such as Speechify, can help you read content much faster than usual. Its AI voices are capable of identifying words and phrases almost instantly.

Moreover, the application can be used on computers or mobile devices, allowing you to listen to any document, book, or article in any language, voice, or reading speed you prefer.

It is also a great tool for teachers who may have difficulty helping students with reading difficulties. This is because they can provide their students with a choice, enabling them to use a tool that best meets their needs.

The app is especially useful for those who have vision problems or dyslexia. They can easily take a photo of a text on a page or in a book, and Speechify will then convert the image into audio that can be listened to.

Improves Comprehension

If you’re struggling to understand a piece of text, speechify can help. It’s a powerful tool that can convert any type of digital or physical text into audio format, making it incredibly useful for those who have difficulty with reading and learning.

Moreover, it also offers a useful highlighting feature that highlights each word to help readers understand the meaning of what they are hearing. This can be particularly helpful for people with reading difficulties, such as dyslexia.

Speechify is an extremely flexible, artificial intelligence-supported text to speech reader that works on most platforms with a variety of document types, including PDFs, Google Docs, Kindle books and more. Users can access the platform via an iOS or Android app, a Chrome extension or through a web browser.

Helps Kids With Reading Difficulties

Kids with reading difficulties need to be taught the skills and strategies necessary to read effectively. These include word recognition, decoding, and language comprehension.

They also need to have access to a variety of educational resources in various formats. Using text to speech technology like Speechify can help them access these materials without having to worry about their reading abilities.

This benefits both the student and the teacher. Teachers can give students extra time and attention during reading sessions, break designated texts into small chunks, and minimize distractions to help dyslexic learners focus on their lessons.

Similarly, parents can help their children learn to read with simple strategies and activities. For example, playing a syllable game can be an excellent way to develop phonemic awareness and reading abilities for kids with dyslexia.

Helps Professionals Stay Up-to-Date

Speechify helps professionals stay up-to-date with their work by converting their emails, blog posts and articles into audio. This makes it easy for them to continue reading, even while doing other tasks, such as commuting or cooking.

It also works with a wide variety of languages, including Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Portuguese. It’s also great for people with dyslexia and other reading disabilities.

The app converts any text into an audio file, and users can choose to listen to it at a rate they like. This feature is especially useful for people who are working a lot, or who need to be able to listen at a fast pace.

It’s available as a Chrome Extension, Mac App, iOS and Android App. It can read any webpage, document or PDF. It also has a library of pre-recorded audio books. It’s free to use, but there are subscription plans for large groups. It’s worth checking out if you need a quick way to keep up with the latest news.